Getting a blood test

Book an appointment with the phlebotomist who is at the Surgery every morning Monday to Friday.

Please bring your blood request form if you have one.

Appointments for blood tests may be booked up to 4 weeks ahead.

Urine Samples

In the interest of best practice, based on the current evidence available, the surgery has made changes to the way urine samples are managed for testing.

We will now only accept urine specimens at reception which has been requested by a clinician at Coquet Medical Group

New Protocol for Patients with a suspected Urinary Tract Infection (UTI):

If you feel you have a urinary tract infection please call the surgery to arrange an appointment/telephone consultation. DO NOT bring a urine sample to the surgery.

Please call the surgery as soon as possible and inform us of your symptoms.

The reception team will offer an appointment or a telephone call with an appropriate clinician.

During this appointment/telephone consultation the clinician will discuss your symptoms and treat the condition appropriately.

You may then be asked to drop off a urine sample, but not in all cases.

Getting a Result

If you have a blood test or a specimen sample taken at the Health Centre then the majority of these results are available within 7 days. You may telephone your usual Health Centre where the receptionist will inform you of the outcome of your result or with your consent, we may be able to send your results to you via sms text messaging. Please rely on doctor or nurse comments for explanation and reassurance. Alternatively, if you already have a doctor or nurse appointment planned then your results can be discussed then.

Any other investigations such as X-ray or hospital test results often take a little longer so please allow at least two weeks before contacting us for your results.

If you have been to hospital recently and were given a discharge letter then please bring it to the Health Centre as soon as possible so that our records are up to date.