Patients' rights and responsibilities

The Staff at Coquet Medical Group will at all times be polite, courteous and respectful towards patients using the services offered. It is expected that patients will in return be polite, courteous and respectful towards all staff members. For the comfort and safety of all staff and patients, abusive behaviour will not be tolerated. This includes: swearing, shouting, threats, refusal to cooperate, drunken behaviour, violent behaviour and refusal to leave the premises when asked.

We will always try to ensure that the rights of patients, as detailed in the NHS Consitution are respected. Full details of these are available on request.

The police will be called if a request to leave the premises is ignored. A written warning (yellow card) will be issued to the person concerned. Anyone in receipt of a second written warning (yellow card) will be removed from the patient list. At present the alternative arrangements set up by Northumberland Care Trust for such patients to receive GP care, is registration with a nominated GP in Blyth, regardless of the patient's address.

Assault is a crime and the NHS will always press for the maximum possible penalty for anyone who commits a crime against NHS staff.

Communication with patients

The Practice produces a quarterly Newsletter to help keep patients informed about any changes or developments and to highlight certain topical issues. These are available freely from reception and are often sent out with letters to patients. We welcome feedback about its content and will consider any ideas you have for future articles.

Both Health Centres have notice boards in the waiting rooms where we display relevant current information for patients. If you would like to know about anything in particular please do not hesitate to ask at reception.

Chaperone policy

All patients have the right to be accompanied by a person of their choice when attending for an intimate examination. Your doctor or nurse may suggest that a chaperone be present during an intimate examination. An appropriately trained chaperone can be provided by the Practice if requested.

Patient Advice and Liaison Service

PALS is committed to giving a caring service to patients, carers, families and friends. It offers advice and guidance to services both in and outside the NHS. It will try to deal with any concerns you have and support you in trying to resolve any problems quickly. It can give you advice on how to make a complaint if you wish to do so.

It aims to compliment existing services and hopes to develop a better service within the NHS by listening to you and passing on your ideas and suggestions. They are there to give you a stronger voice and to support you in enhancing the quality of care you receive and by helping to change things if necessary. PALS is accessible to all and will treat people as individuals and respect your confidentiality, rights and choice. If appropriate it can guide you towards an advocacy service to meet your needs.

You can contact them on Free phone 0800 032 0202 between the hours of 8.30 am and 4.30 pm.

Equality and Diversity

Coquet Medical Group expects all staff. patients and visitors to be treated fairly with equal consideration and respect.

All staff, patients and visitors have a responsibility to ensure that no one is disadvantaged due to their gender, colour, age, ethnic or national origin, nationality, disability, religious or political beliefs and sexual orientation.

Discrimination on unlawful or unfair grounds will not be tolerated.

All staff are given equality and diversity training.

Infection prevention and control

All staff adhere to our Infection Prevention and Control Policy and attend annual staff training to help eliminate infections. Patients are requested to help by using the hand gel dispensers at the main entrances when entering and leaving the premises. If you have any suggestions or comments regarding our infection prevention and control you may leave these in our suggestions box.